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Whether you're looking to develop new skills, boost your career, or just want to keep learning, the Alumni Association has online resources to help you enrich your professional and personal life. Webinars are free, one-hour online seminars that will introduce you to a concept or help you get started on a new path. Classes are fee-based, online seminars that explore a topic in depth.

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Career Development

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Date: May 1-31
Cost: $79 members; $99 nonmembers; $49 2013-15 grads
Description: Planning your next career move? This comprehensive career exploration course is designed to help participants explore key components of overall career satisfaction by completing a career assessment, completing supplemental handouts, and participating in two course webinars and live chats. This course is online and self paced, although you will receive a recommended schedule to complete course activities. All course materials are included in the fee.Through this course, you will:

  • Explore your key components to career satisfaction including values, interests, personality, and preferred work environment.
  • Apply key components to career satisfaction to your current and potential career path.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to define a career that will be meaningful to you.

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Personal Enrichment


Date: May 1-31
Cost: New grads (2013-15) $49, members $79, nonmembers $99
Description: With so many diet programs, books, and supplements on the market, it can be difficult to make an informed decision about what to eat for a healthy body. This course translates current scientific research (including insight on hormones and other factors involved in energy balance) into practical information, advice, and steps for successful weight loss and maintenance. Participants will determine their personal weight loss formula, create a meal plan, set goals, and learn proven strategies such as mindfulness, metabolism boosters, carbohydrate balance, and the best foods to include and eliminate.

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Date: Feb. 23
Cost: FREE
Description: CSU is engaged in a comprehensive program to improve energy access in the developing world.  Centered around the electrification for remote off-grid villages, the program includes an innovative combination of energy access coupled with a focus on developing the village economy.  The program has engaged faculty and research staff across the university, including engineering, business, social sciences, agriculture, and other areas.  The presentation will introduce the program and current efforts in East Africa.

Presenter: Daniel Zimmerle

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