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The Colorado State University Alumni Association is excited to bring you professional development events - whether focused on young alumni just starting out in their careers or those of all ages looking to enhance their career opportunities, these events are designed to provide comprehensive insight that will make a real impact!  

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Charisma Can Be Taught

You've heard of the elusive trait of charisma. People who have it seem to always get the job, get the date, get the promotion, get the compliments - get all the good. Is being charismatic something you are born with? Do you learn it along the way? Do you just have it or you don't?

In this workshop, you will learn practical, easy-to-implement, scientifically proven insights and techniques to raise your level of charisma. You'll discover how to use different types of charisma in different situations for maximum impact. And ultimately, you'll leave with the power to be a more charismatic human being!

This workshop is in three different locations, plus webinar

Fort Collins, Nov. 7. Register

Colorado Springs, Nov. 12. Register

Denver, Nov. 13. Register

Webinar, Nov. 20. Register

Home Buying & Hoagies (Adulting)

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 5:30 p.m., Smith Alumni Center

Buying a home can be the most exciting purchase of your life! Invest an hour with your by-your-side-guide before investing in a brand new home. We’ll take you from start to finish: how to choose a realtor, different loan types, down payment options, closing costs, fees, and more.

The Startup of You

Career professional development opportunity. More info and registration coming soon! 

This workshop is in three different locations, plus webinar

Fort Collins, Feb. 5

Denver, Feb. 11

Colorado Springs, Feb. 19

Webinar, Feb. 26

Salary Negotiation for Women

Learn about what the wage gap is and how it affects you. Determine your worth in the marketplace, and explore tips and techniques to empower you to successfully negotiate equal pay.

This workshop is in three different locations, plus webinar. Registration coming soon!

Fort Collins, April 1

Colorado Springs, April 7

Denver, April 8

Webinar, April 15