Opportunities for Young Alumni

CSU invites you back - back to the community that help set the foundation for this phase of life. The CSU Alumni Association has opportunities to engage with you, to provide service and volunteer opportunities, and to create spaces for Rams to connect with Rams.

The best news? We are cultivating these opportunities for young alumni like you! Please check out the events and information below, and stay tuned as we continue to dive into all that the year has to offer.

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Young Alumni Series

The young alumni series, supported by Canvas Credit Union, provides a space for young alumni to connect around financial education that is relevant to this stage of life. Each part of the series includes a formal presentation by a financial expert, intentional time to connect with other young alums, and opportunities to get your individual questions answered. Workshops in 2021 are scheduled from 5:30-7:00 p.m.


January 13 | Building and Balancing Budgets

The world of budgeting can be tricky to learn and confusing navigate. Canvas and the CSU Alumni Association will talk through getting started, where to save and invest money, and how to make wise decisions with your finances.

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February 16 | Taxes

We can all remember our first big paycheck- the first big deposit, the first taste of independence, and the first realization that a big chunk of your hard earned money is missing. Taxes!

Join the CSU Alumni Association and Dr. Jim Stekelberg as we talk about all things taxes: from federal to state, to the forms required, to write offs, to where this money goes.

**Due to the changing nature of tax law, this event was not recorded. Please direct any questions about the event to Alexandra Schweigert at

April 14 | Credit Scores

Everyone knows a good credit score can save you money, but when you ask how to boost it, you usually hear tons of bad advice. We’re debunking the old wives’ tales, and teaching you how to access your reports and scores, and clean up errors. Then we’ll hit you with a game plan to improve your credit score. Whether you’re just establishing credit, getting back on track, or aiming for a flawless score, our seminar will help you crush your goals!


June 17 | Home Buying

Buying a home can be the most exciting purchase of your life! Invest an hour with your by-your-side-guide before investing in a brand new home. We’ll take you from start to finish: how to choose a realtor, different loan types, down payment options, closing costs, fees, and more.


August 10 | Student Loans

Student loans don’t have to be a downfall. We’re here to explore the options of repayment with you as you blossom in your career. This class will discuss options for repaying, reducing, and even avoiding student loans. We’ll talk about grants and scholarships, types of student loans, refinancing & consolidating, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and resources for more information.


October 13 | Investing

The world of investing can be tricky to learn and confusing navigate. Canvas and the CSU Alumni Association will talk through getting started, where to invest money, and how to make wise decisions with your money.


Career Connections

Join the CSU Alumni Association for virtual lunchtime conversations and connection on the first Monday of every month. The Career Connections series provides students and young alumni with opportunities for to learn from industry experts and gain career advice as you explore and grow into your own careers. Spring conversations are scheduled from noon to 1:00 p.m. 

March 8 |  Women in the Workplace

COVID-19 has disrupted corporate America in ways we’ve never seen before. No one is experiencing business as usual, but women have faced distinct challenges. In the spirit of Women's History Month, join the CSU Alumni Association for conversation and connection around working and advancing as a woman in the workplace.

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April 5 | Work for the Public Good: Careers to Support our Communities 

Who says that a job can't benefit both you and your community? From non-profit organizations to public service, many CSU students and graduates launch into careers that benefit the public good. Join the CSU Alumni Association for conversation and connection focused on jobs that serve our communities.

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May 3 | Hunting for What's Next: Landing a Job or Searching for a New Career

Taking the next big step is intimidating. Whether you're searching for your first job or internship, or looking towards a career transition, the CSU Alumni Association is here to support. Join us for conversation and connection around how to start looking for a job, tips on how to stand out in the applicant pool, and discussion on leveraging your networks.



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The CSU Alumni Association provides meaningful volunteer opportunities for alumni to support and stay connected to the University!

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