Get Your Lifetime Alumni Email Account

Alumni can sign up for an e-mail address. Please note that this offering is only available to graduates of Colorado State University.

If you graduated in spring 2013 or later, you were automatically enrolled for an @alumni e-mail address. Please follow the “Instructions for 2013 and Later Graduates” below.

If you graduated before 2013, please follow the “Creating a Lifetime E-mail Account” instructions below.

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Need Help?

If you have any difficulty registering or logging in, please contact the Alumni Association at or (800) 286-2586.

Additional Resources

If you have additional questions, such as how to access your account from Outlook or a smart phone, please read more information on the email account support page.

@Rams accounts expire one year after graduation. If you have questions about your prior @rams student account, need help accessing previous data, or need help transferring data from your @rams to your @alumni account, please contact the Central IT Technical Support Helpdesk at (970) 491-7276 or

You may also visit the Alumni email support page for further instructions.

Instructions for 2013 and Later Graduates

If you graduated in the spring of 2013 (or later) your account was created for you. All you need to do is create a password, log in, and transfer over any information you want to keep from your account.

Your @rams account expires within a year of graduation, so do this transfer soon!

How Do I Set Up My Email?

You must create a password. Go to the Alumni Password Setup website. Log in with your CSU eID and choose a new password for your lifetime e-mail account. For security purposes, we suggest you create a new password for this account. Your eID is required to start this process and your eID will last for one year after graduation, so you have one year to do this step. The password page described above requires an active eID; if yours is expired, please contact the Alumni Association at or (800) 286-2586 and they can help you set a password.

How Do I Access My Lifetime Email?

Once you’ve set your password, you can access your e-mail via Gmail. Log in with firstname.lastname13 and your new password.

The first time you do this, you will also be asked to select your preferred language, type a security word, and accept Google’s terms and conditions.

If you’d like to connect with a smartphone or mobile device, or with Microsoft Outlook, read the FAQ for instructions.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Your address will expire one year from graduation. If you want to continue using the Google Apps service under the domain, you will need to manually transfer the information from your account to your account.

Creating a Lifetime Email Account

Follow the steps below to create a lifetime e-mail account only if you graduated before 2013. If you already have an account, log in at

Step 1: Authentication

Before registering for an alumni e-mail account, you must authenticate as a graduate of CSU. Choose one of the following ways.

  1. If you are a graduate or employee with an active eID, log in to Donor Connect with your e-name and password, by clicking the Colorado State University (eID) button.
    • Once logged in, you will be presented with a variety of tiles linking to each of the pages on Donor Connect. Please look for the tile called “Lifetime E-mail.” See Step 2 – Registration.

  2. If you do not have an active eID, you’ll need to sign up through Donor Connect, CSU’s online donor and alumni portal, by connecting to one of your preferred social media platforms.Follow these instructions to create a CSU Donor Connect account:
    1. Access the CSU Donor Connect registration page.
    2. Choose which social identity account – Google/Gmail, MSN/Hotmail, or Facebook – you’d like to authenticate in through. If you do not have any of these, please contact the Office of Donor Relations and Stewardship, who can provide you a temporary link and passphrase to start the process. In the future, every time you’d like to access Donor Connect, you can do so by clicking the “Google” option and entering in your lifetime alumni email account and password, since your lifetime e-mail it is Gmail based.
    3. You will be asked a series of questions about your personal information and your time as a student at CSU. Your answers to these questions help us correctly connect to your records at CSU. Once you are authenticated, you will be presented with a variety of tiles linking to each of the pages on Donor Connect. Please look for the tile called “Lifetime E-mail”. Proceed to Step 2 below.

Step 2: Registration

Once authenticated into Donor Connect via one of the two steps above, please find and click on the Lifetime Alumni E-mail tiles.

  1. Type an e-mail username.
    This name must be unique among registered users of the domain (only one person can have!). Once a name has been chosen, it cannot be modified.
  2. Type and confirm the password.
  3. By default, the newly created e-mail account will become your default e-mail address for future e-communications from Colorado State University. You may uncheck this box.
  4. Click Register. (If the username is already in use, you must specify a new one.) The registration confirmation and sign-in page will appear, which lists your account and a link to the main sign-in screen. See Step 3 – Access Your Account.

Step 3: Access Your Account

To access your account,

  1. Click the sign-in link
  2. Select your preferred language.
  3. Type the security word.
  4. Review Google’s terms and conditions and either accept or cancel the terms.
  5. Begin using your new e-mail account!

If you had an e-mail account, your must manually transfer over your contacts, stored e-mail, docs, etcetera. This does not happen automatically. Please do this before your account expires (one year after graduation).