There are a variety of Alumni Association scholarships available to students at Colorado State University.
Award amounts are based on endowment figures and may vary each year.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

  1. Log in to RAMweb using your eID and select CSU Scholarship Application (CSUSA).
  2. Complete the General Application. All students must complete the General Application before applying for Alumni Association scholarships.
  3. After submitting the General Application, click on Opportunities -> Recommended Opportunities. If you are eligible for an Alumni Association Scholarship, the word "apply" will appear next to the opportunity.
  4. Click "apply" to review scholarship criteria and complete additional essays specific to each scholarship.

Questions about the CSUSA application process should be directed to Student Financial Services. For the latest information on specific scholarship amounts, contact the Alumni Association at or (800) 286-2586. All scholarships pertain only to the Colorado State University Fort Collins campus.

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Alumni Association Scholarships

Colorado State University Alumni Association Jim and Nadine Henry Scholarship

Amount and number of scholarships varies.

Named in honor of Jim (’40) and Nadine (’41) Henry, who were named Alumni of the Century at the CSU Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner on April 19, 2000, this scholarship benefits students embodying the same pride for and service to Colorado State University as Jim and Nadine Henry.

Who is eligible:
Full-time undergraduate students in any major with a class status of junior or senior; a minimum of two years of active involvement with any CSU student organization; demonstrate leadership and service to the campus community and society at large; demonstrate pride in CSU; recognize the importance of education that CSU provides and understand the responsibility as a future alumna/alumnus of Colorado State University.

Colorado State University Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship

Varying number of scholarships of at least $2,500 each.

Established in 2005, the Legacy Scholarship is funded by proceeds from the Colorado State University license plates program and through direct donations.

Who is eligible:
Full-time undergraduate students that have earned 30 credit hours or more, who are in good academic standing, who demonstrate service and leadership to their community (i.e. participation in student organizations, community service, etc.), and have a parent (or step-parent) and/or grandparent (or step-grandparent) with a degree from Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

Colorado State University Alumni Association Metro Denver Scholarship

Formerly the Green & Gold Gala Scholarship, the Metro Denver Scholarship is supported by individual donations and fundraising efforts from Denver area events. Amount and number of scholarships awarded varies. 

Who is eligible:

Qualified applicants must be from Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, or Jefferson county, a full-time undergraduate junior or senior in the year the scholarship is awarded, demonstrate financial need, and maintain an overall 2.8 GPA.

Morgan County Alumni Scholarship

Four scholarships of at least $1,000 each.

Who is eligible:
Full-time, incoming freshman from a Morgan County (CO) high school who demonstrate scholastic achievement, leadership, and extracurricular activities.

Pueblo County CSU Alumni Scholarship

Amount and number of scholarships awarded varies

Who is eligible:
Full-time, incoming freshman at Colorado State University (Fort Collins) from a Pueblo County (CO) high school who demonstrate scholastic achievement, leadership, community service, and extracurricular activities.

Questions about the CSUSA application process should be directed to Student Financial Services.

All scholarships listed above pertain only to the Colorado State University Fort Collins campus.

For the latest information on specific scholarship amounts, contact the Alumni Association at or (800) 286-2586.  All scholarships pertain only to the Colorado State University Fort Collins campus.

Scholarship Recipients: Impact in Action

Colorado State University Alumni Association Jim and Nadine Henry Scholarship

Kelsey Furlong

Kelsey Furlong’s compassion extends to everyone she meets, and is a contributing factor to her pursuit of a career in Occupational Therapy.

She stumbled into the idea of working with older adults as an occupational therapist after a summer spent volunteering at a local health center. Kelsey hopes to use her influence as a therapist to aid those in physical, but also mental, recovery.

Kelsey plans to continue her education at Colorado State University to attend graduate school in the Occupational Therapy program. She will complete her undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Human Development and Family Studies.

She understands the importance of the education and empowerment CSU will give her to impact future generations as an alumna. The Jim and Nadine Henry scholarship gives her the tools she needs to change the world long after her time at CSU.

Hannah Powers

Hannah Powers plans to use everything in her power to change the world; even if that means only helping better the life of one person.

Hannah faced her own hardships the first two years of school at Colorado State University by being wheelchair bound due to unforeseen health reasons. She knew she wanted to impact the world long before her personal health challenges.

She found her niche at CSU in her studies. Hannah is double majoring in International Studies and Psychology while simultaneously double minoring in Spanish and Political Science. Her plans to utilize these multiple fields of study to work in politics both domestically and abroad to better the lives of those less represented.

She is an intern for a non-profit company, Uhambo USA, that aids children in South Africa with disabilities. Hannah plans to work for this company full time after graduation, and then one day would like to move into politics in the United States.

Hannah can get the tools she needs to pursue such diverse career plans thanks to the Jim and Nadine Henry Scholarship, which helps students with long-standing career goals obtain an education from CSU.

Colorado State University Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship

Daniel Atwood

Daniel Atwood did not realize his full potential until he experienced the diverse classes Colorado State University has to offer.

He began his college career unsure of the career path he wanted to take upon graduating. His new found love of marketing came after he enrolled in an upper division marketing class.

This combined with Daniel’s go-to attitude lead him to pursue a career that would help raise his family’s company to its highest potential.

Students like Daniel are able to impact future generations with their degrees from CSU thanks to the CSU Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship.

Ansley Carver

Ansley Carver will use her degree from Colorado State University to help future generations.

She hopes to pursue a career in the medical field after her time at CSU. Her intrigue of the medical field peaked after she volunteered at the Northern Colorado Medical Center.

Ansley’s dual degree in Biomedical Engineering and Biological and Chemical Engineering is paving the way for her future career. She uses her time at CSU to develop the skills she needs to thrive as a future medical professional.

Ansley’s ultimate goal is to be financially stable in a job she loves. The CSU Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship is aiding Ansley’s dream by alleviating a small portion of her student debt.

Kaitlyn Ewan

Kaitlyn Ewan was apprehensive to add a second major to her undergraduate degree, but this changed when she underwent emergency brain surgery.

She used this surprise health emergency to strengthen her career at Colorado State University, and has made plans to enroll in the Master's program at CSU after she finishes her undergraduate degree.

Kaitlyn doesn’t back down from a challenge, which she learned from an internship in social work at a skilled care and nursing community.

Her pursuit of two majors and hopefulness to obtain her Master’s degree from CSU will lead her to an impactful future career. She’s able to pursue her dreams because of the generous donations to the CSU Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship.

Kyra Jensen

Kyra Jensen is pursuing degrees in biological and chemical engineering so she can be a larger impact on the world.

She hopes to one day change the world with the creation of prosthetics. Kyra’s main goal is that, through the development of prosthetics, she can give one person a small glimmer of hope and then create a ripple effect of positivity.

Kyra’s dream is to impact the world through her career, but she hopes that ultimately she will incorporate her impactful nature to every person she meets.

Her positivity is a bright light at Colorado State University; where she is able to impact a multitude of people. She can attend CSU and impact the Fort Collins community thanks to the CSU Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship.

Delaney Robbins

Delaney Robbins took the devastating situation of her father dying and made it into something more with her time at Colorado State University.

She didn’t let her father’s death hold her back, but instead changed her major to Human Development and Family Studies. She chose this to learn the ways in which she could be a source of comfort for families going through tragedies like the one she experienced.

Delaney hopes to work with children that are faced with tough family situations and help aid them through the healing process. She’s able to develop those skills with an education from Colorado State University thanks to the CSU Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship.

The scholarship is designed to help students attain a degree from CSU if they have had parents, grandparents or step-parents that attended CSU.

Joshua Smith

Being surrounded by doctors, surgeons and others in the medical field led Joshua Smith to his goal of becoming a biomedical engineer.

Joshua was a competitor at the first robotics competition as a freshman in highschool when tragedy struck. He lost one of his team members to cancer. His exposure to cancer didn’t stop then when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer the following year.

His goal is to graduate from Colorado State University with a dual degree in biomedical and mechanical engineering, so he can help people like those that helped his mother.

He can achieve this goal thanks in part to the CSU Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, which allows students who have had parents, grandparents or step-parents that attended CSU.

Colorado State University Alumni Association Metro Denver Scholarship

Hunter Stafford

Colorado State University junior Hunter Stafford was born in Colorado and leads an active life snowboarding, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

What many people don’t know about Stafford is that he also suffers from Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, a chronic illness that leaves him dehydrated and plagued by migraines for days.

For years, the condition was in remission, until Stafford turned 19. The recurrence of CVS proved to be an immense burden on Stafford as he tried to balance his condition with his school work.

To raise money for the CVS Association, in the summer of 2015, both Stafford and his father hiked the 500-mile Colorado Trail. They raised $2,500, but just one week after the hike, Stafford suffered another setback.

Serving as a gateway to graduation, the CSU Alumni Association Metro Denver Scholarship allows the students from the Denver Metro area facing hardship in their final years at CSU to complete their degrees.

Morgan County Alumni Scholarship

Colton Carpenter

Colton Carpenter knows what it takes to achieve his goals through hard work and perseverance.

He worked on average 35 hours a week throughout his high school career all while balancing family, school and friendships. Colton hopes to one day instill values in other people in order to help them see their own potential.

Colton’s life reflects his need to help others. He believes that one of the strongest attributes he possesses is his ability to be a friend to any person he meets.

The Fort Morgan native is one of three children attending college in the next three years. He knows that to achieve his own goals of starting a business he would need to get a valuable education from Colorado State University. This is why the Morgan County scholarship offered by the CSU Alumni Association is impactful to many students.

Ben Cartwright

Fort Morgan native, Ben Cartwright, knows that his ability to change the world begins with getting an education at Colorado State University.

Ben’s ultimate career goal is simple: to change the world. He will begin his journey to changing the world at CSU in fall 2017 as a freshman business administration student. He plans on receiving his degree in business with a focus in finance in order to one day become a financial advisor.

His career as a financial advisor doesn’t only mean work in the United States, but also abroad as he aims to volunteer in the Peace Corps; providing financial help to people internationally.

Finances are tough on many people, which is why the CSU Alumni Association offers the Morgan County scholarship to incoming freshmen like Ben. Ben’s dreams of changing the world are becoming a reality thanks in part to generous donations of those funding the Morgan County scholarship.

Nathanael Gertner

Nathanael Gertner isn’t one to take the easy way out. His career choice of construction management is focused on the complexities of commercial construction projects rather than the more simple structures of residential construction.

He hopes to one day drive through a city and point to any number of buildings that he aided in the design and creation of. His dreams aren’t too far off as he finishes up a degree in construction management with a minor in business administration.

His attention to detail is a benefit to him both professionally and academically. He began his own lawn care company in 2008, and has since extended his business to over 20 customers. This as well as other business endeavors lead Gertner to his career at Colorado State University.

Nathanael’s self motivation leads him to thrive in the construction management department at CSU. His dreams could not become a reality without the Morgan County scholarship offered through the CSU Alumni Association. Nathanael credits his hometown of Fort Morgan, Colorado to be a crucial piece in his success.

This scholarship helps bridge the gap of students moving away from home to a larger community like Fort Collins. Nathanael isn’t one to back down from a challenge, and his time at CSU has been a stepping stone to his otherwise bright future.

Tahais Guerrero

Tahais Guerrero’s heart and soul was in veterinary care before she even realized that was what she wanted to pursue a career in.

Her time shadowing a surgery at a local veterinary clinic in her hometown of Fort Morgan, Colorado lead her to see the time and care needed to become a veterinarian. She was in awe of how much patience and understanding the veterinarian had while performing a routine surgery.

Tahais’ future career in veterinary medicine is what lead her to Colorado State University. The Morgan County scholarship matched Tahais up with her dream career at her dream school by making higher education affordable.

She doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon as she describes that “hard work needs recognition.” Hard work is the basis on which Tahais wants to set her career up on, and she doesn’t plan on wasting anytime while at CSU.

Ashley Lauck

Colorado State University senior Ashley Lauck is a Fort Morgan native with the dream of opening her own veterinary practice back in her hometown. She’s able to make her childhood dreams a reality by attending Colorado State University for her undergraduate and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees.

She knew veterinary medicine was the career for her after years of working with animals on her family’s farm, pet sitting for neighbors and volunteering at the local veterinary clinic and humane society. Her path to veterinary medicine was paved with life-changing moments back home in Fort Morgan and at school in Fort Collins.

Ashley didn’t waste any time when she began her academic career at CSU. She became a member of the Pre-Vet club on campus and volunteered at various animal outreach opportunities; all while balancing work and school.

The Morgan County scholarship plays a crucial part in Ashley’s dream of opening her own veterinary practice. It allows her to obtain a degree from one of best veterinary schools in the country, so she will be able to take her knowledge back to Fort Morgan to better her community.

Alix Young

Alix Young is willing to pursue a career in a field that is not always rewarding. She hopes to one day be a Pediatric Hematologist Oncologist at Children’s Hospital.

Alix hopes her future career leads her to become a glimmer of hope for families going through one of the most difficult times in their lives. She doesn’t see her losses as a failure, but instead as a chance to learn and grow.

Her degree in Biomedical Sciences is a stepping point on the road to becoming a pediatric hematologist oncologist. She describes the happiness that children have brought her in the past as she has worked as a gymnastics coach for five years.

Alix’s future plans would have been dampened had she not received the Morgan County scholarship offered through the Colorado State University Alumni Association. This has allowed her to continue doing what she loves all while obtaining her degree from CSU.

Pueblo County CSU Alumni Scholarship

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